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About Anna

My name is Anna and I am a happily married 40 something living in a little cottage on a hill side in the pretty town of Ramsbottom and I love taking photographs!!

My other loves include my gorgeous family ( although we are spread far and wide across the country) and being the photographer in the family it always falls to me to document those special family times and events which obviously I love to do anyway.

I really enjoy keeping fit – yoga and running and hill walking being my favourite forms of exercise and also love to tend our postage stamp sized garden with my hubby especially in the summer where it is bursting with colour and life. Cooking and spending time with friends also comes high on the list of things that make me who I am and make me happy.

Twelve years ago I was a textile designer quickly falling out of love with the industry so once we were married I decided to make that life change and go back to my first love – photography. After extensive re training and expensive kit buying I set up AJM Photography just over 10 years ago and have not looked back since.